SG 3100 Interface MAC Address

  • Hi, I had two questions:
    1. How do I identify the mac addresses of the LAN ports on the SG 3100?
    2. Does PfSense offer Port Mirroring where I can mirror a trunk port and see all traffic from that interface? say port 1 is trunk, port 2 is configured for mirroring? Any guide I can check out?


  • Netgate Administrator

    Bit late but…

    The MAC of traffic from the LAN ports will by the LAN interface MAC, mvneta1.

    Whilst I think you could technically configure on of the switch ports as a mirror port we don't currently have any way to set the in the GUI.
    It is possible to configure a bridge and set a span port to mirror the bridge traffic. That does incur a performance penalty though.


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