Cloudflare DynDNS Errors

  • Hi all, trying to get a Cloudflare subdomain updating via DynDNS. Currently on Version 2.3.4-Rel-p1. It's working correctly if I leave 'Enable Proxy' unchecked, but with the unwanted exposure of my public IP address.

    If I check 'Enable Proxy' and do a save and force update, everything happens correctly, however if the WAN IP changes, I get a cloudflare error 9003:

    Invalid 'proxied' value, must be a boolean

    I note that there was a change to the GUI relating to this in May 2017, so I'm guessing that it's not a bug but rather more likely a config issue, does anyone have any tips on where to look to track the issue down?


  • Sorry, I've just realised that version 2.4 had some changes relating to Cloudflare in the changes list. Will update and see what happens.

  • I have had the same error, but it only happens when the dyndns needs to update automatically. Force update works with Proxy enabled.

    Same error:

     /rc.dyndns.update: phpDynDNS (XXX): PAYLOAD: {"success":false,"errors":[{"code":1004,"message":"DNS Validation Error","error_chain":[{"code":9003,"message":"Invalid 'proxied' value, must be a boolean"}]}],"messages":[],"result":null} 

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