Huge Bridge/VPN/NAT/RDP mess in need of help

  • Hi! I'm new to pfSense but no to networking in general, BUT, as this is not my day to day profession, more like a forced hobby, I'm always struggling with stuff, namely today, bridges and firewalls rules/nat

    I had This interfaces assignments
    WAN -> dc0
    LAN -> re0

    Then when I added a Wireless card and did as the tutorial indicated I ended up with

    Wan -> Dc0
    LAN -> Bridge0
    WLAN -> ath0_wlan0
    OPT1 -> re0

    All is fine for now, but my question is this. when I write a rule or nat lets say to forward a port to an IP, do I have to do it in the LAN tab, and that's assigned to both wlan and opt1, or do I have to create rules in those two also?
    Anything applyed to the LAN (Bridge) will be true for both interfaces?
    And in that regard, if I don't want that forward to apply to wireless clients, I just use OPT1 only?


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