Pfsense Wan interface disconnected

  • Hello All,

    I need your help regarding pfsense issue, i'm using pfsense version 2.3.4.
    This pfsense work as firewall / router at my shop.
    I configure my wan interface as static ip. Quite happen, sometimes my lan internet suddenly disconnect.
    Try ping any internet ip (example from pfsense ping, but request time out.
    As a result i need to manually disable and enable wan interface, then only my internet is working.
    Its so troublesome when we using internet, then suddenly my internet disconnect.
    When i review my internet from isp, if my isp not stable got 2 or 3 request time out, then my pfsense wan will totally disconnect.
    Is there any function / command in pfsense to refresh the wan connection? Auto connect maybe?


  • What type of WAN connection?  I bet the provider is disconnecting you because you're using an address they didn't provide.  Unless you have been assigned a static IP, you shouldn't be using a static config.

  • my ISP is not dchp, we using static ip.
    then, i set my pfsense wan to static ip

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