I think I'm having a problem with outbound Nat

  • I'm attempting to get two subnets to route differently. I'd like my LAN to go out via ISP, and a Guest subnet out through PIA.

    I have my outbound NAT rules built, but only the guest subnet can route out to the internet.

    I'm not sure why the WAN rule wont allow me to get out.

    I've attached the PC tests and my rules.

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    Outbound NAT doesn't route traffic. Routing and Policy routing does.

    What routing and policy routing do you have configured for the various interfaces?

  • Lan and Guest Rules attached.

    The Lan rule currently has a Gateway (WAN_DHCP) designated, because it gives parts of my lan internet but breaks inter-connectivity to my bridge interfaces. My Lan is 3 bridged devices, and the three devices get isolated when i have WAN_DHCP gateway designated.

    The Guest subnet doesn't have a gateway rule and somehow still routes over the PIA gateway. This is very confusing to me.

    How does the outbound NAT function as I currently have it? Why does the guest subnet work the way I want it to without a policy based gateway rule?

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    You have to bypass policy routing for internal network prior to the policy routing rule that matches.


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