Something is broken in the 2.4 build

  • Something is broken in the 2.4 build.

    I updated from  2.3.4 to 2.4.1 and DNS stopped resolving.

    I scraped that and rebuilt with 2.4.1.  Got it up and configured plain jane.  No additional rules.  After a couple hours my LAN interface stop resolving but my DMZ interface worked fine.  I couldn't figure out what the issue was.

    I rebuilt the firewall again to 2.4.2.  Everything working good.  A couple hours later, the DMZ stop resolving queries but the LAN is working.

    I have no clue why this is occurring.

    This is very frustrating.  Something is wrong in this build.  I had no issues with the 2.3.4 build on the same hardware

    Can anyone help me.



  • I am and fu**kingidiot.  My issue is when I added the DMZ interface, I didn't configure any rules to allow traffic to pass.

    I am so much better than that better than that.



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