SG-4860 and apcupsd package

  • I hooked up a APC UPS to on of the USB ports on my SG-4860 and tried running the apcupsd package - but it won't start - tried rebooting the router after hooking up the cable just in case the connection needed to be detected at boot time - but it is still not working. Is this supposed to work? Note - I am running PFSense 2.4.2 Release version.

    Note - I tried adding this line to the loader.conf file as instructed in the installation output - but that didn't seem to have any effect:


  • Never mind - ended up solving my own problem - once I rebooted with the addition to the conf file - the application showed up on the Services drop down menu where I could enable and configure it - it is now up and running - no problems.

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