Mutli VPN Clients behind one network and Only one can be connected at a time

  • I have searched the forums and found only a suggestion to turn on Advanced Out Bound NAT.
    This has not worked and was wondering if there is something else I can do. here is the problem.

    We are behind a pfSense 1.2 Release FW and are trying to connect to the same version at a datacenter. I have only 2 users currently configured by will need to add more. When we are at different locations the DC firewall will handle multi VPN connections. But when we are on the same network, only one user can be connected at a time. The VPN does connect but traffic will not pass on either VPN connection. Eventually it times both connections out.

    There a known issue that is fixed in 1.2.1? Is there something I can do to fix the problem?


  • Are you using PPTP or IPSEC?

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