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  • Hello,

    I am having some difficulty getting the result I want from setting up a NORD VPN client on my pfsense box.  I've been messing around with it for a while now and spent a fair bit of time Googling, and I've worked with the VPN service support team.  I'm hoping that someone here is more of an expert with pfsense and is willing to help!

    I have setup the VPN connection and it appears to be working except for the DNS.  Sort of.

    When I have my windows PC set to use my pfsense box as the DNS server ( and I test at the DNS servers shown in the results are the two ipv4 addresses for the VPN service and one ipv6 address for the VPN service.

    If however, I set the two ip4 addresses of the VPN service directly on my windows PC and I run the same test, the DNS server shown is the same IP address as my public IP address.  This would be the desired state.  If I can have my various network clients set to use Pfsense for DNS which would then forward the requests to the VPN service servers and when tested, it appears that the DNS is my public IP.

    I am currently using the DNS Resolver (unbound) for my standard lan clients and the DNS Forwarder (dnsmasq) for the VPN clients.  This is achieved by using an alias for the VPN client IPs to redirect traffic on port 53 to port 8053 where the DNS Forwarder is listening for requests.

    If screenshots of my configuration, log files, or other information would be useful, I would be happy to post them.  Hopefully what I am asking for makes sense.

    Thanks everyone!

  • Im not sure if you are still trying to figure this out. But this is how you make it work:

    1. Go to Status > OpenVPN copy the "Virtual Address" of  the desired NordVPN connection
    2. Go to Services > DHCP Server scroll down to "DNS Servers" under the servers section. Paste the VPN virtual address to DNS Server 1
    3. Save and apply
    4. Restart your Desktop's network card or restart PC
    5. Test

    5.1 If it still doesn't work, you many need to set your VPN interface as you default gateway by going to System > Routing > Gateways
      5.2 Click edit and check "Default Gateway"
      5.3 Save/Apply

    6. Enjoy!

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