Can anyone tell me if I can setup the following, dual Ethernet, dual internet

  • Hi all,

    A few questions for a first timer! Noob here!

    I live in Australia and where I am the internet just bloody sucks..
    In a major city and at 4pm until midnight internet so slow cannot even browse! I get 30Mbps daytime, 4Mbps night

    I am fairly experienced in i.t. so building the machine and figuring pfsense out should be doable..

    Slow internet at night, I want to keep it as it's fairly cheap in Aussie standards.. 50$ per month for cable internet.. it's the best I've had.. so not going to rid it… The plan is unlimited and I download a fair bit..

    To improve things..  I want to use the 23GB I have on my mobile data plan.. since it's no added expense haha and wasted haha

    4G is really fast..I plan to hotspot my phone to a wifi repeater with ethernet.. if end up using a desktop computer pfsense box
    or wifi direct from phone if  stay with laptop pfsense box...

    I must be able to do things like ensure Netflix and other specific high bandwidth websites traffic goes through adaptor 1 (Cable unlimited internet..)

    And leave adaptor 2 (mobile data) for basic browsing and Facebook etc...

    Here is the thing.
    I want to ensure when adaptor 2 has no internet (turned off or daily  data usage overlimit) that everything gets sent to adaptor 1 automatically

    Can this be done?

    Can I even setup things like adaptor 2 specific limit per day etc? As my phone will handle this! But good if pfsense can do it.. more management I guess..

    I've red about proxy.. I will use it..
    I also think the pfsense proxy HDD would be a massive benefit as the reason I'm wanting a pfsense box.. it would cache updates and other stuff from needing to redownload!

    System would be configured as a core 2 duo or core 2 quad...
    Maybe only 4gb ram and a small HDD.. maybe 80gb or 160gb..

    Most likely will choose the duo as will use less power! Or if laptop works well.. would be best option

    Any problems with older hardware? Laptops?

    Can you confirm for my setup.. I'd need 3 network ports?
    2 wan
    1 lan

    Is that right?


    P.S. if you have tips or good articles to show me to get me started I'd appreciate it

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