Pfsense in virtual box to be used as router for my lan network

  • Hi guys, Im new on the pfsense world. I've manage to setup pfsense in a VBox but cant lease IP to client PC connected to my lan(switch).

    HOST PC (with Vbox pfsense)            Pfsense(bridge,Host-Only)
    -WAN (x.x.x.3)                                    -em0 (x.x.x.4)
    -LanVirtual                  -em1(

    This is the config, I can access the web gui so no problem but I cant network so i have to buy a 2nd NIC card..

    -my built-in Lan is connected to a switch with my ISP,
    -my 2nd Lan is connected to a switch with my other clients pc.

    HOST PC (with Vbox pfsense)            Pfsense(bridge,Host-Only)            2nd lan
    -WAN (x.x.x.3)                                    -em0 (x.x.x.4)                        -
    -LanVirtual                  -em1(

    what the heck i dont know what the config should be.. should I add a net adapter on my Vbox?

    help guys

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