Pfsense 2.4.2

  • Gentlemen:

    Does Pfsense 2.4.2 have "TRIM" tuned on by default when installing the image?

  • I still remember when I bought a batch of several MCCOE64G5MPP-0VA

    Bought them for about $60 each…

    SLC SSD SATA 3.0Gbps 2.5"

    SLC drives are just indestructible.  All are still going strong.

    Anyway - To check to see if it is enabled by default after install, in Diagnostics > Command Prompt try something like:

    camcontrol identify /dev/ada0

    Look down and find Data Set Management (DSM/TRIM) - See if it says yes and yes.

    If so, its on by default if the drive supports trim.  Mine doesn't.  But I suspect the drive will be running strong long after the sata interface is as legacy as usb 1.0

  • It should be on by default but you can check yourself after installation.

    Depending on the filesystem used:

    UFS - run this on the command prompt:

    tunefs -p /dev/ufsid/

    Where <identifier>is the UFSID for the root filesystem, you can get that from /etc/fstab from the line that has "/" as the mountpoint (second column).

    ZFS - run this:

    sysctl vfs.zfs.trim.enabled

    If it reports value of 1 then your system is using TRIM.</identifier>

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