Remove old packet capture files?

  • Hi all,

    Hope fully this is a simple question to answer. Is there any way to remove old packet capture files created via the GUI? I have a 1GB capture just sitting in flash on a SG-3100 which is filling up a lot of the limited space.


  • NB The capabilities offered here can be dangerous. No support is available. Use them at your own risk!

    Diagnostics -> Command Prompt

    If you do a ls ~ you'll see packetcapture.cap

    Then do a rm  ~/packetcapture.cap I'd have rather told you to do a rm -i ~/packetcapture.cap, but the command prompt isn't interactive.

    You could also ssh to the device and do the rm from the shell.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Or just start and stop another capture. Set number of packets to 1 or something or capture on an interface with insignificant traffic.

  • Thanks both. I feel so silly for not thinking of starting a new pcap with a small count  :o

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