Allowed Client bandwidth Based from Radius accept message…

  • I was wondering if PfSense was capable of assigning bandwidth limits based on the post auth reply message. I know someone has done this with M0n0wall, but I also need Atheros support. Monowall uses the following syntax in the reply messge, of course this version is a user modified version of M0n0wall 1.22 that was posted within the mailing list.


  • Not yet. pfSense 1.0 is feature frozen but when this feature becomes available in m0n0 we most likely will sync it over to pfSense for 1.1.

  • m0n0wall has not even released these features.  They are alpha quality still.

  • Nor can we sync dummynet rules to ALTQ :)  No, this will require significantly more effort.


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