Help: PFsense crash during update

  • Hi, im new to the forum. I come too  seek some help.
    I updated my pfsense from 2.3.2 to 2.4.2 , the update took a very long time 30 min. After that i looked at the screen and noticed that it had been stuck for a vary long time att some dhcp6.0.5.2_1 or something like that. I rebooted the computer and pfsense continued with the update.

    After 10 min it started throwing errors like warning…something... ROUTE.php line 210 or something like that. and after some time it prompted me in consol mode with login: and password:

    After this I cant acces the gui or anything. I dont know what to do. Pls help.

    And btw. I know that i probably totaly fucked everything up when I did the reboot in the middle of the update. Im sorry  :'(

  • Is it a way to extract all settings, and then reinstall pfsense and re-deploy the settings? Or something like that?

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