Help to add a DMARC record

  • Help to add a DMARC record

    I can not send emails, if I can receive.

    mxtool box marks me this error: dmarc DNS Record not found

    How do I add a DMARC record in my pfsense?

  • I assume you mean your Internet connection is failing intermittently.  When I had that problem, I wrote a shell script that pinged my ISP's gateway address every minute and recorded the time of failures.

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    No DMARC is a setting for email domains..
    Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC)

    Are you running bind?  Unbound is not really meant to be an authoritative NS…

    The NS for that domain are listed as
    ;; ANSWER SECTION:            3446    IN      NS            3446    IN      NS

    You would setup the dmarc entries there.. that would have nothing to do with pfsense - unless your actually hosting ns1 and ns2 on pfsense?

  • As jonPoz said, it gets set up on the authoritative ns. The only side note on that is that if you are running your own mail server behind pfSense and you want to use dkim, then you will more than likely need to add that to the pfSense DNS resolver, otherwise your mailserver will complain.

    If you do want to add dkim, then just search for dkim on this site and you'll find I posted a thread about it.

  • Agree with johnpoz and marjohn56. If you need helping setting up DMARC (and SPF/DKIM), a group and I put together a technical guide at the link below if you are interested. It also has an associated testing guide which walks you through the process of discovering your authoritative nameservers.

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