Cannot reduce Interface bandwidth

  • Currently my WAN interface is set to HFSC and 45Mbps.

    I need to set it to 25Mbps, but anytime I try to lower it I get an error:
      The following input errors were detected:
      The sum of child bandwidth is higher than parent.

    All of my queues are % based and add up to 95%.  I have one queue that is set to 256kbps.

    How do I go about reducing my interface bandwith?

    I'm running 2.4.2-RELEASE AMD64


  • I was able to backup the Traffic Shaper configuration, edit the WAN bandwidth and reload the config.

    that worked, but seems a bit odd.


  • I've noticed that the wizard can certainly be odd at times, too  ;)  I was going to suggest blowing it all away and redoing it, but you managed to fix it yourself.

  • The interface validation uses the pre-bandwidth change calculated child bandwidths instead of post change. Scaling up the parent bandwidth is fine, but down does not work.

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