Dulicate SAs with different IDs

  • Hi,

    I'm experiencing problems with pfsense connecting to a Fortigate VPN Gateway.

    We're running a connection using IKE1 using 2 SAs. I've notices that - after some time - multiple entries of the same SA with the same subnet but different local and remote key ids appear
    in the IPSEC status of my pfsense 2.4.2. Right now I've deactivated dead peer detection for it's corresponding Phase 1, hoping this will solve the issue.

    Could this result from borth partners initiating a connection on the same subnet but with different IDs, thus causing routing problems in my pfsense appliance after some time?
    Or could this also be caused by equality of rekeying time in Phase 1 and 2 being 3600 seconds?

    • Julian

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