Package installation

  • Hi there,

    I've installed pfSense on a PC with 10 G hd and whish to add the packages present in the WebGui.

    Unfortunately when trying to do so the following error continues on any package I try. ???

    Downloading package configuration file… done.
    Saving updated package information... done.
    Downloading squid and its dependencies... done.
    Checking for successful package installation... failed!

    Installation aborted.

    Can anyone give me a clue?

    (Great project!)

  • Which package are you trying to install. Some are marked broken and won't install correctly atm.

  • Hi hoba,

    I'm trying to install squid, but neither of the packages install…
    Hope you can help me..

  • Which version of pfSense are you running? This sounds like you are running an old version which is not compatible with the packagesystem anymore if all packages fail.

  • I've installed pfSense from the following live cd : pfSense-LiveCD-1.0BETA1.iso

  • That explains everything. this version is from last christmas  ;D

    Reinstall with beta4 please or wait for rc1 which will be released soon.

  • OK, so that's the case thnx!
    I'll try BETA 4 :)

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