Daily Allowance of WAN2 … Possible???

  • Hi All,

    I have got pfsense and love it now that I got it running..
    I had to get in running virtually via hyperv as it simply didnt like the machine I ran it on,
    anyways I have 2 WAN connections and I need to limit one of them

    I would like to enforce a DAILY quota that can be downloaded from WAN2

    I would love it if I can enter a Data Amount, 30GB/month and divide it evenly for each day,

    so days where I download 1 GB is fine, but if I was to only download 500MB that would be added to the rest of the months quota.

    is this concept possible with pfsense?


  • is this concept possible with pfsense?

    pfSense has no cap management features that I'm aware of.

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