2 Subnets Static IP Range from ISP

  • Can someone please clarify the proper terminology for having two different subnets on one WAN interface?  I know how to setup one-to-one NAT in pfSense but the ISP we use gave us another set of static ip since we had two T1's bonded.  I want to use the other set of static ip's we have but it is not using same ip range/subnet or gateway.  The current gateway we have in front of the pfSense fw in the Cisco GW (T1 connection/DSU?).  Basically, what's the term for this, and how do I do it?  Thanks!

  • Hello,

    I am looking for a solution to this problem.
    We got 2 different ip ranges routed in the datacenter to our backbone.

    We want to use one wan interface with the 2 ip ranges. Do i need to create a vlan and add with proxy arp the extra ip range so i can use them in nat translations?

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • All you should have to do is create the appropriate Virtual IPs so you can NAT the addresses, and it should work OK. Is that not working?