Is a static IP still required?

  • Many of us only have one (dynamic) IP and no options to change that. Is CARP still possible? I know the 3 public (and static) IP restriction can now be worked around but I don't see anyone mentioning whether a static IP is still required.

    I'm thinking of using the SG-1000 as a low-power + low-performance backup but if a static IP is required I better change course.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It still requires a static address to work properly.

    If you had no other choice and do not care about a WAN-side failure triggering a CARP event, each unit could connect separately to a dynamic WAN, but it is not something we'd recommend anyone do in production.

  • Thanks, not sure what that CARP event would mean in practice. If WAN is down I don't really care if pfsense would switch between the units as long as it is restored when WAN is up again.

    But I'm getting the feeling that I'm introducing more ways things can fail rather than mitigating actual risks, I'll see if I can get into the network some other way and restore functionality manually when something have happened.

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