Unable to communicate to pfSense.com

  • I have setup pfSense as a multi-WAN router/firewall.
    When I try to access the available package list via "System -> Packages", I get the following error message.
    "Unable to communicate to pfSense.com. Please check DNS, default gateway, etc."

    I have specified 2 DNS servers and have also specified a gateway.
    I cannot ping anything from pfSense since multi-wan is not supported by ping.

    Any idea what the problem is?

  • You should be able to ping. The note that multiwan is not supported means that all pings are routed through the standard gateway of the system which is at WAN. If you can't ping pfSense.com either your WAN is broken or your DNS doesn't work and this is also the failure why you can't access the packagesection.

  • I found out why it wasn't working.
    The "Allow DNS server list to be overridden by DHCP/PPP on WAN" option was enabled in the "System: General Setup" menu.

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