Avahi, VPNs and the dreaded MacOS Machine Name (42) problem

  • Hello!

    I've got a challenge that has persisted through several pfSense releases. In fact, it's more of a MacOS bug than an issue at all with pfSense…but it's the result of my pfSense config and I'm curious if anyone else has seen —or better yet —fixed it.

    I have Avahi installed on all my pfSense installs and they are all connected by OpenVPN (or IPsec in one case). It's magic and bananas that it works. I can see and resolve remote machines like we're in the same place. Love it! But It also triggers the old (and I though fixed) bug in MacOS where machines get renamed with parens and an ever increasing number.

    eg: machost becomes machost (232) and JanesIpad becomes JanesIpad(1345) ... ditto with phones, appleTVs, etc.

    Anyone else see this with Avahi across VPNs (or subnets for that matter)? And if so, anyone have any troubleshooting or fix ideas?


  • I have the same issue, have not found a way to remedy it  :(

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