Creating DMZ. Going to pull my hair out. With ESXI (PFSENSE IS NOT in a VM)

  • okay so just like my work, I am creating a DMZ (I AM  VERY used to Cisco.  I do not understand why this isn't working.)

    So I created a "DMZ" interface on the PFSENSE.

    My hardware:

    I have One Ethernet going to outside, the other to LAN, and then the other to the DMZ interface.

    I created a new VM SWITCH pointing to the physical NIC that the Firewall is connected to on my PowerEdge.

    I created the new interface on pfsense Firewall, named it "DMZ", assigned the gateway address of

    I can't ping the firewall from THE VM.

    I went into the RULES of the DMZ gateway, blocked it from getting to my internal network, but let it on the OUTSIDE network.

    What am I missing that the VM can't ping the Default gateway, AKA the firewall inteface.

    Also when I setup the new interface, it brings my entire network down.  Why would this happen?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    When you create an interface on pfsense - there will be no firewall rules.. Post up the rules you put on your DMZ interface..

    Keep in mind these rules are INBOUND into the interface from the network that is attached to this interface..

    Post up your rules.. If you want the dmz network to be able to ping pfsense dmz IP.. wouldn't call this a gateway.. Its might be the gateway for the dmz network.. But to pfsense its just its interface IP..

  • in vmware have you changed the vms network interface to point to the new dmz vswitch ?

    also have you run the ethernet cable direct to the esxi servers interface or via a switch because if this switch carries anyother traffic ie non dmz traffic youll want to vlan the two ports to segergate these or run it on a seperate switch or direct cable ?

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