Syncing Three Different Location PFsense Server

  • dear all,

    i have three pfsense server running at different location with dynamic WAN (no Statice Ip). i am running CP on them so i have to create voucher for each. i want to sysc them three of them so whenever i creat voucher on one of them it will sync two other system.

    my question is can i sysc them(no static ip)?????

    sorry in advance if i posted in wrong section.

    thanks in advance

  • I just tried it with a hostname and it worked. Thus, using dynamic DNS would be an option. You might have an issue when your IP address eventually changes as it is possible the configuration will not update the IP address to reflect the change. If your ISP rarely changes your IP, then this may not be a problem. Either way, I'd say to give it a shot and report back either way.

  • thank for your reply
    can you guide me in detail bro..
    i never used dynamic dns before
    i will study also

  • Just think of dynamic DNS the same as you would a standard public hostname where a name is associated with an IP. ->

    Dynamic DNS, however, is used primarily for "fast changing" dynamic IP addresses such as those assigned by an ISP. pfSense has a dynamic DNS client built-in via the Services -> Dynamic DNS and there are around 40 services that it can use natively so feel free to try any one of them out. I've personally used DynDNS (years ago) and Google Domains with great success. If you already have a domain registered with Google Domains, the service is provided free of charge. I did a write-up on Dynamic DNS with Google Domains that walks you through the process, but you could use similar steps for any of the services.

  • thank for explaining,

    i did with created host and configure with one of my pfsense server, it show green ip and same ip on pfsense and on inside web account of

    how can i access the by host name..

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