Port forwarding questions

  • Hello,

    I just subscribed to this forum, but a long time happy pfsense user!

    I have two questions.

    1st)  We got a new library web based program in our university.  We want to host the system ourself behind a pfsense gateway but we want to make it assesable for the world web web and link it up to our website.  the internal ip address will be like this the 8080 port is the port for the web-interface.

    We have a static wan address, but i am not sure how to enable pfsense to redirect the port?  so that people can reach the catalog from the web.  examples of what other universities have done with the same program which i would like to do.  and help would really be appreciated!

    2)  this is also to do with port forwarding,  we are getting a new accounting program and the company who maintain it would like to have direct external access to the specific server.

    I am sure my questions arent so difficult i just simply dont know and would love your help!!

    Thank you for your time!!!

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