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  • I need some opinions…

    I have a 256Gb SSD and 16Gb of RAM.  I've have a 4Gb RAM disk setup that I'm using for Squid cache and it's getting maxed out very quickly to the point that I'm having to go in and clear cache.  I've set up periodic RAM disk backups to 6.

    What can I do to optimize my RAM disk seupt?
    ![RAM Usage.jpg](/public/imported_attachments/1/RAM Usage.jpg)
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  • Remove squid ?

  • Maybe you could tell us what you are trying to achieve?

  • @Cybermaze:

    Maybe you could tell us what you are trying to achieve?

    Is there a way to move the data from the RAM disk to the SSD?  That way, the RAM disk doesn't completely fill up so quickly?

  • When I said this :

    Remove squid ?

    I was close (half way) a possible answer.

    I saw this when installing :

           You must initialize new cache directories before you can start
           squid.  Do this by running "squid -z" as 'root' or 'squid'.
           If your cache directories are already initialized (e.g. after an
           upgrade of squid) you do not need to initialize them again.

    … but running "squid -z" as 'root' didn't not ask any questions about "where to cache". Login ("su - squid" was not possible).

    Although I found in MENU =>  Package => Proxy Server =>  Cache Management => Local Cache => Hard Disk Cache Location, set by default to /var/squid/cache - isn't this what you are looking for ?

  • Yeah, you need to change the standard location for the hard disk cache, since you have placed /var in your ramdisk.

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