I cant open pfsense lan address into browser

  • I install pfsense into virtual box and put WAN into dhcp, it receive address, and i set up a LAN with dhcp .2 - .4 address.
    When I put into a browser of my host machine nothing happend, request timed out. I am connected directly to modem.
    I cant even ping my wan from my host machine (i cant also LAN

    Where can be a problem?

    I set up a 2 adapters, one is bridged, second is internal network. I notice also that I can ping a google or my address from pfsense option 7.

  • Because you are using Private address on WAN, make sure Bogon and private network options are unchecked in interfaces.

  • from where i see this options? I cant even go to web interface…
    WHich adddress should I set into wan? My external IP?

  • What is your host's IP address?
    What kind of networking did you use for the VM? e.g. NAT or bridged etc
    Do you have any VLANs setup?
    Why are you using /29 for your LAN and not just plain /24?

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