Want to remove the band 3 and 5 antennas of my LTE router

  • Hi, is it proper to ask you this question here? Hope anyone can help me out..I've a LTE router with WiFi, it switches automatically between LTE bands 3, 5 and 40, depending on the respective signal quality.

    I want to improve the band 40 reception. So I think the easiest option is to remove the band 3 and 5 antennas. As the propitiatory firmware provides no interface to switch or lock a specific band.

    The main problem is identifying the correct antennas to remove. The device has 4 patch antennas, printed on yellow mylar films. All of them looks similar to me!

    So how can I identify the band 3/5 antennas ?

    The WiFi chip is RTL8192EU, which is capable of 2T2R MIMO, so is it possible there's 2 antenna for WiFi? I can provide internal pictures if needed.

    Device is made by Pegasus Telecom, subsidiary of Haier.

    Pictures, main board.

    Antenna on top

    Antanna on left and right, seems like inverted F monopole.

    Antenna on bottom

  • Good luck!

    Generally they try to design their antennas to do multiband capability..  One could put a jack in place and run to an external directional antenna that is "in band" but that won't stop the other bands from making their presence known..  Just be more inefficient as the device tries to transmit back to them..

    Maybe another device is the answer such as a Cradlepoint or Sierra Wireless..

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