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  • Hej

    Im a totally new at this forum. so if im posting this the wrong place or anything. Im sorry. (not native english speaking :D)

    i have gotten the opportunity to maybe get a 10G wan connection thourgh work.
    but since i can't buy a router with 10g with out bankrupiting myself, I would ask in here.
    what is need to build my own router with 10g i'm most interrestet in cpu, Ram, motherboard and storage.

  • How long is a piece of string?

    While you may have a 10 Gb, connection, will you be able to use it all?  If all you do is connect to it, without upgrading the rest of the network to match, you won't accomplish much.  For example, assuming you have more than just the firewall, you'll also need a switch that can handle 10 G.  Then your computers behind the switch will need to be capable of better than 1 G to make use of the bandwidth.  Of course, anything connected via WiFi won't be able to make full use of 10 G.  Also, that 10 Gb connection might not support auto-negotiation, so you will need a 10 G capable NIC, just to connect to your network, unless a terminal, capable of auto-negotiation is provided.  Bare fibre won't.

    As you can see from this link, 10 G NICs aren't cheap, so you better hope the device you connect to can support auto-negotiation at a lower bandwidth.

    1 Gb is plenty for a home user.  My own connection is 60 Mb (usually mid 70s) and meets my needs.

  • thanks for the fast reply. got some research to do know about nic's now.

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