Subnet a subnet

  • I don't know enough about networking to know if this is possible.
    I have a classroom with 32 machines.  Could I create my own subnet from a subnet using an existing static ip of
    I would have to keep the network segregated so as not to interfere with the main network.

  • You don't tell enough about the other network(s) for a serious answer.
    What is it you want to achieve actually? (I could start guessing from "classroom" and such but that's not what I'm here for. Some would say their chrystal ball is broken…)

    Then network and mask of the "other" subnet as well as of what you plan to sub-sub would be beneficial.

  • The subnet mask is
    I have one wired drop in the room and would like to create a separate wireless subnet so I could better control network access on the classroom computers.  The machines are currently on another wireless network that I have no control over.
    Not even sure that I would try this.  I just wanted to know if it was possible.

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    You can always subnet a network down..  so that is a /23 so logical break would be /24, since your at 10.2.5 the break to /24 would create and

    Here is the thing.. What exactly are you going to do to subnet it down.. They are not routing that traffic to a routers of yours are they?  You are directly attached would be my assumption..  So unless you have some router in your classroom and they route that network to you via some other transit..

    Then while sure its easy to subnet any network into smaller networks - your problem is more involved… And without more info its impossible to advice you what direction to go into.

    But if all you want is an isolated wifi network you could control - this would be as simple as connecting your typical wifi router which would nat the wifi clients to whatever IP it gets from your 10.2.5/23 network when you plug its wan in.

    Better would sure being this with pfsense box and some APs..  But any 20$ soho router you pick up at the computer store would be able to create an isolated wifi network on your current network.

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