• Hi everybody,

    I am running PFSense with CP in 170 locations. All work fine.
    Now I set up the first location with 2 CP zones.
    Setup: APU1D4 running Rel. 2.3.5_1 (NanoBSD). One IF is WAN, another IF is LAN1 (Zone1), the third IF is a bridge of WLAN (ath) and OPT1 (Zone 2).
    The users of zone 2 are having trouble to get an IP-address by DHCP and claim their connection is slow.
    (WAN is connected to a gateway router (Fritzbox 50 MBit/s VDSL)). I don't get anything useful from the logs as my dear users are calling me hours after the event occurs and by then all logs are gone (I have around 100 users on this machine).

    What bugs me though is that the check_reload_status is appearing every other minute, sucking up quite a bit CPU load.

    Any hints where I should look to?



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