DHCP/DNS/GUI bug - Dynamic addresses registering under incorrect domain

  • Not sure where the bug lies, but here is the scenario:

    System->General Setup->Domain == A

    Services->DHCP Server->LAN->Other Options->Domain name == B

    Computer HAL receives ip from DHCP Pool.

    IPCONFIG shows DNS Suffix as B.

    Ping HAL.B fails to resolve
    Ping HAL.A finds HAL.

    Exact same scenario if I issue a static ip by mac address, HAL is now found as HAL.B, not found as HAL.A

    Options are set in DNS Resolver to register leases and static mappings.

    This is on fairly clean install of 2.4.2-p1.


  • It appears this is Bug #1819, over six years old.  Yipes!

    That's not encouraging.

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