Is this configuration Capable of handling gigabit speed?

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    Dell Inspiron I5 / 3.1 GHZ / 8 Gig / 1 TB
    This would be used for a home router .

  • That is basically what I got, you should be good to go. Maybe even overkill. I like overkill.

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    Overkill - waste would be more the words I would use… So your going to use a $500 desktop for your router.. Did you get it free or something?  What other nics you going to add to it?  Or you just going to hairpin all your traffic on the 1 nic?

    Are you going to use the other components for other projects.. 1TB HDD for router is pointless.. The optical drive just money down the drain.. Same with the video card, etc.  Things going to suck what 50watts sitting there idle.. Vs what should be less than 10..  It comes with windows 10.. So your paying the MS tax as well..  Unless you got that for free or something just doesn't make any sense to me..

    Don't get me wrong - overkill is underrated for sure.. I just got a sg-4860 for my home 500/50 connection. I just don't think such a box is really good fit as router/firewall.. It's bulky, it has only 1 nic - has features/options that are not needed in a router/firewall.. Were you planning on running the pfsense in vm and using say the hard drive space and video card for like your plex server or something?

    Did you look at the sg-3100.. That would be cheaper and can do gig without any issues.

  • It’s free. It is a pc from my office that is now not needed. Not really a waste of money since I don’t need it anymore.

    That being said-it’ll do gig speeds? I shouldn’t have any problem installing a NIC right? Just remove the old and put in a new?

    Thank y’all for the responses.

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    if its got free slots then then sure you can install say a dual or 4 port nic.. Its current nic is onboard.  No I do not see that box having any problems doing gig..  Do you actually have gig?

    Its prob going to suck some juice though.. Would put a killawatt meter on it. not surprised if it sucks 50watts idle.

  • I do. I currently pull 700+Mbps and 350-400 over WiFi.

  • Yes it will do gigabit just fine. But so does any recent Intel CPU with AES-NI. Make sure you have decent network interfaces and it'll work fine. (i.e. not Realtek and not USB adapters)

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    700+ isn't really gig ;) hehehe  If you were seeing 900's then you would be talking gig - heheeh

    Whats your upload? You symmetrical?

    While the cpu not going to be an issue - keep in mind with some of these sorts of boxes.. Your not going to want to plug your nic into old pci slot.. There is a recent thread around here were someone wasn't getting the speed they thought they should get and seems their dual port nic was on pci vs pcie and that is going to be a bottleneck..

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