DHCP Relay not working on VLANS

  • Hi, this is the setup I have

    One Nic is connected to the WAN, and the other to the LAN, and one virtual adapter with the VLANS.
    In PFsense, Ive made four VLANs

    1. Just the default LAN, no vlan tagging with IP

    2. Home network with IP

    3. Guest Network with IP

    4. LAB Network with IP

    In the server, I have a VM that acts as a DHCP server, and DC etc. I've made four scoped that correspond to the IP range in the VLANS I created in PFsense.

    And in PFsense, I've enables the DHCP relay, and typed the IP adress to my DHCP server (Win 2012R2 acting as a DC controller as well)

    However, the relay wont work correctly. Only once I got an DHCP adress from my DHCP, then I change the VLAN number, and it wont lease any adresses.
    Then when I changed back, it still wont lease adresses.

    Anyone have any ideas? Is it possible to choose what VLAN DHCP will relay leases to, or is it everyone or nothing?

    Thanks in advance.

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