Help with installing pfsense latest version

  • I finally go around to setting up pfsense on pc-engines box which I bought back in 2015. It has the following:

    APU.1D4 system board 4GB
    SSD M-Sata 16GB MLC Phison
    Compex WLE200NX miniPCI express card
    Antenna reverse SMA dual band
    Cable DB9F-DB9F null modem
    Enclosure 3 LAN, red, USB

    No that I got that out the way, I wanted to setup in the following way Spectrum (Formally Time Warner) Modem Netgear C7000> Cisco Meraki 8 port switch> Devices
    I checked out many of the videos to get phycial idea how to set it up and configure it but im getting stuck as how to get my internet traffic go through my pfsense and then my switch

    I set up the WAN to go through DHCP thats fine. My Netwgear modem has an external ip like 66.24.X.X/15 and  my lan is currently set to DHCP range - with a gateway of

    Because my netgear is set to , im able get into the management console for the netgear.

    Now I configured the WAN with DHCP and it gave me an ip of for the pfsense.. as for the LAN, I believe I have it set and i was able to get into the firewall but I noticed that there is no internet to my devices. At this point I had taken the LAN cable and moved over to the switch from one of the ports of of my modem which has additional ports. Although im able to connect to my pfsense box, I can't get internet. am I missing something? I'm thinking its DNS..somewhere along the line I missed something and im stuck..please help!!

  • How do I connect my wifi to Pfsense?.

    Please help.

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