Issue after restart

  • Hi,

    I am having an issue with my PfSense.

    After restarting it doesn't automatically restart pfsense.

    It stops on "Should VLAN be setup now?"

    Before this I get Network interface mismatch – Running interface assignment option.

    Valid interface are:

    em0 (down)

    Then I need to go through the setup process of no to VLAN and then allocate em0 to WAN and ue0 to LAN.

    I am running an NUC with a USB to ethernet for the LAN connection.

    How can I get rid of this problem.

    Tks very much

  • It sounds like you have installed pfSense but havent completed the setup after that.

    When you are asked "Should VLAN be setup now?" select Y for yes or N for no and complete the basic setup.

    After that you will get the IP adress to the GUI.

  • Hi sorry for the late reply.

    I do complete this and PFSsense works well until it is restarted. After that it asks me again the VLAN question.

    It appears to me that PFSense boots before em0 and en0 are ready and therefore believes those are not available and goes through the setup questions again?

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  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Getting a prompt like that means the interfaces didn't match. Most likely because your USB network card isn't initializing properly. Note that en0 is NOT in the list it offers for assignment.

    USB NICs are generally awful and flaky, this is just one example of the kind of things you can expect from them. You might have better luck with a different make/model but there isn't a good way to tell except to try it out.

  • Tks for that. I was scared someone would say that :(

    Will try the same setup on another computer with 2 nice and see how it goes. Will update.



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