Login does not open captive portal when browser uses https site

  • login does not open captive portal when browser uses https site

    Good Morning,

    I'm trying to use the captive portal, and it falls into the next.

    Notebook plugs into the network, the user opens browser.

    If you are looking for a website http> the captive redirect to a login screen.

    If you are looking for a website, please click here.

    Do you have any suggestions on how I outline this little problem.


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    For that to have any chance of working, you need to enable https in the captive portal as well. Preferably using a proper hostname with a real/valid certificate so clients can load the portal page over https without any browser warnings.

    Chrome will see that certificate and realize it doesn't match the real site and then open the portal login page.

    Firefox has its own portal detection that should work either way but requires the user to press a button to view the login page.

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    Did you enable https in your captive portal - if so then your browser would throw you an error like below..

    You would think users understand this problem already ;)  Per the thread many OSes understand captive portals and when you connect via wireless they would direct you to the portal page via http url they try and go to in the background, etc.

    edit: ah jimp beat me too it ;)

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