Need help with installation on qotom q350g4

  • Hi, today I received my qotom q350g4 box.  I installed the ram, msata WiFi and created a bootable USB using rufus. 
    I connected my qotom box to my Samsung TV using hdmi cable.  But I have not connected any keyboard.
    When I boot the box it boots till a word scroll just runs down and at particular point halts. From there it doesn't go any further.
    Is it because I have not connected to keyboard?  How do I enter boot menu? How do I change to boot from USB? How do I go further?
    I am clueless.  Pls help me

  • It might very well look for a keyboard…just like how you connect a monitor (tv) why not connect a keyboard for the original setup.

  • i used wired keyboard, even then it is not going past random: unblocking device text….
    is it an error with image creating, or USB device error or am i doing anything wrong ?

  • Finally i could install development snapshot build. I even configured the LAN ip address. but now i cant access the Webgui of pfsense.
    no matter which ip address i change.
    Can i get help here in accessing my pfsense Webgui pls….
    thanks in advance

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