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    I wasn't sure whether to start this in the Official pfSense Hardware or Packages sub-forum, apologies if this is in the wrong place.

    I'm looking to get more granular traffic statistics and ntopng looks to be ideal, however I appriciate it's heavy on resources. Does anyone run ntopng on an SG-3100? If so, what settings do you have to minimise impact on disk space, and how does it affect throughput?

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  • I know it's an old thread, but I found I can't use ntopng without a large hit on my download speeds. I have a 600m down/50m up connection and when ntopng is enabled I see download speeds around 350m, but my upload speeds are fine. I made a couple of changes to the configuration and got speeds up around 400m but that's the best I could get.

    Because of that I only enable ntopng when I need to do some network investigating - otherwise for daily traffic info I just use darkstat.

    By comparison, I had a very old i3-530 based PC I used in the past and I never saw any performance hits using ntopng. Totally understandable considering the much more powerful hardware in that PC.

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