[SOLVED] DNS resolver- PFSENSE unable to resolve dns's

  • Hi,

    quick background, I'm interested in running dns resolver on my pfsense server where my dns's get resolved using johnpoz
    example https://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=133481.0
    "Hey root servers who is NS for .com
    Hey .com NS who is NS for domain.com
    Hey domain.com NS what is IP of www.domain.com"

    current situation, after setting DNS resolver up, my current situation is:

    • on my pfsense server , pfsense cannot do any resolution of any DNS's.
      such as
      diagnostics-> DNS Lookup, all take a long time and fail.
      NTP server lookup fails on pfsense, it can't resolve the dns
      PFBlocker DNSBL lists downloads all fail, as it cannot resolve the lists url, and firewall rules that use domain name
    • DNS lookups from all clients on the network that is using pfsense as the dns resolver works great.  i.e. all clients have as their dns, and speed is great.

    Main Question, How can i configure pfsense to properly resolve dns's without adding dns servers, or if needed use itself to resolve dns's?  further below i played around with resolv.conf

    if i add DNS server's like opendns or quad9 back into my general settings, everything resolves within pfsense properly, after removing the dns's from general settings, is when pfsense stops resolving [clients of pfsense still work], From what i have read, i should keep the dns's in general settings blank to let dns resolver do its job, from https://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=139442.0

    Current Configuration where pfsense cannot resolve DNS's:

    –- General -> Settings ---

    DNS Server settings = blank.
    DNS Server Override =Unchecked
    Disable DNS Forwarder =Unchecked  [tried checked and not checked as a test]

    timeservers = [populated with a dns but not resolving, i get an error on my dashboard]

    –-DNS Resolver Settings---

    Enable is =Checked.
    Listen Port= 53
    Network Interfaces [LAN]
    Outgoign Network Interfaces [WAN]
    System Domain Local Zone Type [Static] - using johnpoz setting https://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=115523.0
    DNSSEC Enabled =Checked
    DNS Query Forwarding =Unchecked
    DHCP Registration =Checked
    Static DHCP= Checked
    Hide Identity= Checked
    Hide Version =Checked
    Prefetch Support =Checked
    Prefetch DNS Key Support= Checked
    Serve Expired = Unchecked
    .. remaining is default ..
    Experimental Bit 0x20 Support Checked


    Cat /etc/resolv.conf
    results in
    search localdomain

    if i overwrite /etc/resolv.conf with a custom mapping
    search localdomain

    pfsense is able to lookup timeserver and do a diagnostics dnslookup on an address, however after a minute or so the resolv.conf gets overwritten back to
    search localdomain

    and local pfsense dnslookups stop working.

    general settings doesn't let me use as a dns server, the drop down only says WAN.

    thank you for your time and help.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    pfsense should be be pointing to itself for dns if your using unbound.. That is how it would be out of the box with unbound listening on all interface - if you edited what interfaces it listens on you need to make sure localhost is included and pfsense points to loopback.

    Which looks like you undid on the listen interfaces since you only have lan listed

    Network Interfaces [LAN]

    Disable should be unchecked.. See pic below for how it should be setup.

  • :D  That resolved the issue, thank you very much for your time and help!

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