Pfsense w/ gigabit wan

  • Hello,

    I was looking to try out pfsense in my home network. I have a total of about 15-20 devices with GIGABIT service @940Mbps down and about 50Mbps up.

    I was looking at the QOTOM Routers

    They have various stats but I was looking at these processors…

    Intel Celeron Processor J1900
    Intel 4th Gen Core i3 Processor, 4010U/ 4030
    Intel Core i5-4200U Processor

    I was going to go with at least a 64GB SSD and 8GB RAM. I plan to run maybe a few add ons like Snort. Will this achieve the speeds I'm looking for?

  • J1900 - Is going to be unsupported in pfSense 2.5  (Drop it)
    i3 : To close pricewise to the i5
    i5: Go..go

    I'd recommend the Qotom i5 (and have 2 in prod + one spare).

    Ram: Go for 8G
    Disk: I have 64G in one and a 240G SSD in the other (depends on what you want to cache or log) - 64G would mostly be fine.

    Snort: A misconfigured Snort could KILL any Box performance on nearly any HW - I havent gotten to Snort (Suricata for me) yet.


  • Don't get a J1900 indeed. Also, for Snort etc. you'll need a bit more RAM than usual and an i5 is a good "catch-all" CPU. Keep in mind that it's all going to depend on your configuration, so if you have very few rules, even an i3 will do. If you make a bad config, not even an i7 will work out, so just throwing hardware at things isn't the solution to all things ;-)

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