Increased Latency on LAN

  • Hello so I recently put together my network which consisted of

    Linksys EA6900

    Surfboard sb6121 modem

    Pings are normally 32ms

    After I upgraded to pfsense my latency in pings are shooting up to 45ms

    I have tried two different motherboards (quad cores 3.0ghz) plenty of power. I have tried traffic shapers. And I am not able to understand why the latency is going up. Ive changed cables. The only thought I am having is maybe the PCI-E bus latency on the 2 NICS I have installed is injecting lateny. The modem is an older one, so could this be a culprit? I have 118mbps/12mbps.

    Any crazy settings I can try, Ive done complete stock config as well.

    Thanks, and Merry Christmas!

  • By upgrade to pfSense, I assume you inserted a piece of hardware running it into the network.  If so, then yeah latency will increase, as the packets have to pass through the hardware.  Don't forget, that packet has to be received, processed and transmitted by pfSense, so it all adds up.  Also, if you're still using that Linksys as a router, don't bother.  Just use it as an access point & switch.  That will remove the latency of the router portion.  See what the latency is when passing only through pfSense

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