Failover to USB for hard drive crash

  • Think I know the answer (no) but thought I would throw it out there.  Any way to have an automatic failover to a USB thumb drive in the event of a hard drive crash?  I have a customer who is using pfsense in a business where he has POS devices and really needs a good failover solution.  Had a recent hard drive crash on a NUC Atom 280 build and he was offline for a few hours.  He is running a captive portal for WiFi guests with authentication, but that could be optional for the USB boot.  The owner has decent knowledge of PC's and could easily be walked through a boot from usb sequence.
    What else would anyone recommend for failover in this situation?  A complete system standing by?  Is this where CARP comes in?

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    ZFS with 2 or better 4 drives in a pool.

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Everything fails eventually.

    A good configuration backup taken regularly and a cold-spare system is a decent alternative.

    GMIRROR should ride out most failures of a single hard disk.

    ZFS should also help with a disk failure.

    Two live units in HA/CARP will generally have zero downtime if a node crashes.

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