Wlan (opt1) drops connection and needs reboot to be restored

  • I have used pfsense for a year or so and added i third nic connected to a wireless router (used only as an ap) and there my problems started. I use this connection to stream movies and mythtv content to my macbook and it loose connection with pfsense, this can happen after an hour, after three days, but it always do. I tried another wireless router with the same problem. The last pfsense i tried was 1.2.1-rc3 with the same results. It always required av reboot of the firewall, to reboot the router or macbook didn't do it. I have now tried endian firewall with exact the same setup and it works perfectly, no connection loss in a week, so i guess pfsense is the problem, but i rather use pfsense since it have a few features endian lacks. I don't really remember, but i believe that it only was the connection to my lan that broke not the wan.

    System: via mini-itx with dual nics and a third intel nic
    wan: dhcp

  • When this happens look at status -> interfaces.  What does it show?

    What relevant system logs appear during the outage?

    What does status -> services show during the outage, all running OK?

  • ok, i will reinstall pfsense and restore and get back. I would be great if it could be working, it is a great firewall.

  • What wireless NIC are you using?

    The Atheros based wireless PCI NIC I'm using as my 'production' wireless access point gives service over many days without requiring a reboot. On the other hand, a USB wireless NIC I played with only a little bit (rum driver) doesn't seem to sustain connections very long but I've not seriously investigated that yet.

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