Pfsense and ddwrt guest network guidance

  • I currently have a pfsense box ( acting as a dhcp server with 2 nics, one for the modem wan and one going out to a ddwrt box ( with a physical lan, the ddwrt box then is used as a ap for the entire network. I have wan disabled for the ddwrt box and the gateway set as the pfsense box as well as the local dns. My question is how would I go about setting up a guest ap with a separate subnet on the ddwrt box that is separate to the lan that can connect to the internet going through the pfsense box. I assume the solution would be something to do with vlan on both the two boxes and clever firewall rules. However I am a networking novice and came to this forum for help on this feat.

  • Pretty much my current setup (ddwrt provides nothing more than access points, pfsense handles everything else).  You may want to have a read through here:  Although the author is using lede/openwrt principals are the same.

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