FreeRADIUS 3 with Active Directory Authentication and Authorization?

  • Cannot find enough documentation on FreeRADIUS 3 on pfSense to cover these questions so Im posting here so my apologies if there is good documentation somewhere that I've not found yet. :)

    In the FreeRADIUS 3 package for 2.4.2, I have TLS-EAP setup with certs and with access points hooked up and working via certs deployed via group policy. However, I would like to offer users the option of using their off-domain devices on the wireless networks by authenticating against MS Active Directory with their AD login. Is this doable and accomplished by filling out the LDAP section in FreeRADIUS?

    I notice the LDAP Authenticaiton Support option has this line: "Note that this means "check plain-text password against the LDAP database", which means that EAP won't work, as it does not supply a plain-text password." Does this mean I am SOL since Im using TLS-EAP or do I have to approach this differently or Im overlooking something?

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