[solved] Help with a Netgear GS724T Managed Switch and VLAN's

  • I'm trying to setup VLANs on a managed switch using this router-on-a-stick guide. The guide is for a 10 port switch and I'm trying to adapt it for my 24 port switch. Most of my machines in the local LAN are assigned to VLAN20 but after applying the settings I can no longer connect to the pfsense firewall at all. Do I need to setup a VGA monitor and keyboard to the pfsense box to change any services on it after applying the setting to my switch? It's running headless currently, but already configured to provide DHCP and DNS services on the LAN port which is connected to port 1 on my switch.

  • Are you still having this issue? We have done a lot with pfsense and Netgear switches and might be able to assist.

  • Got it all sorted out now. Thanks. Netgear’s documentation is rather limited sometimes and their support is not the fastest but got all my misconfigurations corrected.

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