Problems when installing to harddrive

  • Hello guys,

    I am experiencing this kind of problem for the second time.When I run pfsense from LiveCD everything works but after installing to hard drive I begin to have problems like selective opening of web sites. So basicly some sites open some not and from different machines in the internal network different sites.Yesterday I wanted to play with load ballancing and thought that I did something wrong so reinstalled and used simple configuration 2 NIC's and nothing more, but the problem still remained.Wondering if someone else had this problem.

    My config is a Dell PC with 2.8 GHz proccesor, 512 Mb RAM, 80 Gb Seagate HDD, 1 Intel 100 PRO NIC and 1 D-Link 520T NIC.

  • A MTU or Gateway problem?,9301.0.html
    other search keywords you can try adobe or subaru

  • I checked both, same thing. Returned back to OpenBSD and pf rule writing.

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